The Family Company: Your Community Partner

The Family Company isn’t just our business name… it’s truly our mission! We started as a family-owned business and we consider our invaluable managers and all our tenants as “part of the family.” One look around the properties we manage and you’ll instantly realize The Family Company difference. We take great pride in the condition of our properties as well as the relationships we build with our tenants which is why we very seldom have vacancies available.

Our dedicated managers and maintenance staff have 37 years of combined experience in the property management industry and become an invaluable asset for our tenants… just like a family member.

Tim Mauro, Director

Tim and his two brothers and father started the Family Company in an effort to provide an unparalleled property management experience above what is currently available. Treating our tenants like “family” has always been the mission. Tim works directly with the on-site property managers to achieve this goal. 

Tim graduated from the University of Iowa and has been involved with real estate development and property management dating back to 2001, and his successful track record and reputation have been the cornerstone of the Family Company.

Teresa Dixon, On-Site Property Manager

Teresa’s personality and ability to work so well with people make her the perfect fit to the property management industry. The way Teresa interacts and cares for her tenants sets her apart and people gravitate toward her, which makes her a “natural.”

Kevin Troxel, On-Site Property Manager

Kevin has been with the Family Company for over five years and brings a strong management background to our team. His commitment and attention to detail equate to very well-managed properties and ultimately very happy tenants.